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Mermaid Stories is a young brand in Copenhagen, designing modern luxurious women's watches and jewelry. In love with Scandinavian chic, we aspire to create a curated selection of favorite items that will accompany you for a long time. 

It all started with the thought: What if you combine minimalism with magic? We are mixing simplistic design with fine details, like a little mermaid on the back of the watches, or modern interprerations of classic beauties like freshwater cultured pearls. Being in love with products with a character, we believe in details that make you smile. We care about pretty packaging and are convinced that it should be a Christmas-birthday-confetti-and-cake-feeling when you unwrap your order from us. 



Mermaid Stories - Women's Watches, Ladies' Watches, Jewelry


In our studio, we are dedicated to sourcing the best materials for you. Therefore, we use premium materials such as highly resistant stainless steel and premium movements from Seiko for our watches, and only naturally colored pearls for our jewelry. For our watch straps, we source the finest vegetable tanned leather from Germany. 

The quality of our products is a matter of our heart - and so are you, the mermaids. For our watches, you have a two year warranty and the possibility for uncomplicated returns in case you change your mind. We are proud to deliver mermaid sparkle right to your door and are always happy about your messages and pictures when you receive them!



Our brand's name, Mermaid Stories, reflects our love of Scandinavian chic and the stories that lie beneath the obvious - the details that you might not perceive at first sight. We want to inspire you to take your time to discover them. The mermaid, which you find on the back of our watches, embodies the dreams that everyone of us has inside them. 

The typographic design of our logo reflects our love for minimalism which meets magic: If you look closer, you recognize a mix of art déco elements mixed with the cleanness and simplicity of Scandinavian chic.

Mermaid Stories Copenhagen - Women's watches and jewelry 

Mermaid Stories was founded by Victoria Weber in 2016, out of the love for 
Scandinavian chic and modern, timeless design. She set out to create a watch collection that combined comfort, beautiful design and dreamy details, together with a very light weight which you almost don't notice on your arm (you can read an interview about the journey at Scandinavia Standard).

After about a year of product development, our first watch collection was launched in November 2016, inspired by the wonderful street style of women in Copenhagen. In this collection, Scandi-cool midnight colors meet a little twist of pink, combining luxury with fun, simplicity with mermaid sparkle. Every watch model has its own name and character.

In April 2018, we introduced our first jewelry collection, an homage to the dreamy world of mermaids and a feminine, modern take on pearls. Golden, organic shapes meet simplistic lines and a hint of fairytale, adding a little dusty rose and gold to your everyday. 

And of course, our journey doesn't end here. New designs are already in the making, and we're happy that our products are also available at a growing number of retailers. If you don't want to miss out on any news, become a mermaid and follow us on Instagram or Facebook. We love to hear from you about what your thoughts are - please reach out and have a chat with us.


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