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How to take care of your jewelry

For our gold plated sterling silver jewelry, we have collected some tips about how to take care of it in your everyday.

  1. Make sure you avoid contact with soap, shower gels and cleaning liquids. This means that you should take off your jewelry for bathing, taking a shower, doing sports or cleaning.
  2. Make sure you take your jewelry off before going to bed. We recommend that you store your jewelry in a sealed fabric bag or plastic bag to avoid oxidation.
  3. Regular cleaning helps to maintain the coating of your jewelry. This is best done by using a little bit of warm water and a soft cloth. 
  4. For all pearl jewelry, pay attention that you keep the pearls from perfume, soap, detergents or deodorant so that they can keep shining and don't get damaged. To clean them, swipe them softly with a cloth or microfiber jewelry cloth. Here you can read more about our pearls.

It should become your everyday habit to clean your jewelry, since beauty products such as make-up, lotions or perfume over time can damage your jewelry's coating.


About oxidation

Silver jewelry tarnishes over time, looking a bit like dark spots on the jewelry. This is a natural process and therefore not a reason for a complaint. You can either clean your jewelry with warm water, neutral detergent and a soft brush or toothbrush - or, if that doesn’t help, use a liquid silver cleaner for a maximum of 3-5 seconds. It is usually available in most supermarkets. If you use these cleaners, always carefully read the instructions to avoid any damage of the coating of the jewelry.


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