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Our first pearl jewelry collection is made with pearls in natural colors. Freshwater cultured pearls come in a wonderful variety in size, colors and shapes - you can find round, slightly round, or baroque pearls which come in unique organic forms. Natural colors of freshwater cultured pearls are beautiful shades of a creamy white or more clear white, peach, rosé and a lavender-like tone of violet. 

In general, freshwater cultured pearls have a similar look as classic Akoya pearls. But while Akoya pearls come in more smooth and round forms, freshwater pearls can differ more in size and shape. Each pearl has its own character, color and shape, which is why your jewelry can slightly differ from the ones you see on the pictures.

At Mermaid Stories, we have chosen to only work with pearls in natural colors, so you can be sure that your pearl will not loose its color over time. Always be careful though to take care of your jewelry - you can consult our little guide about jewelry care here


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